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2019 Predictions event on the Thames

You are welcome to take a seat in the front row, kick back and enjoy the predictions for another gripping year in innovation.
TFC was lucky enough to amass some of the most exciting & well-known ambassadors for the future to give us a glimpse in to What ifs…
One of our most exciting events returned from 2017! With predictions from the future no less including topics:
#AI #Fintech #VFX #Govtech #Proptech #Neuroscience #Healthtech #Eventech #Blockchain

We have some world famous CEOs and futurists speaking...

Hosted by Stuart Hillston one of our team from TFC Watch Here
Stuart has been a coach and mentor for over 30 accelerators worldwide.
He has been NED for 30+ companies & has taught at 8 major UK Universities
on Entrepreneurship, IP commercialisation and Pitching.

Opening with the legendary …David Sheldon-Hicks CEO Territory Studios
Bladerunner / Ready player 1 - VR / Immersive Watch here
Then an exciting look in to the AI of the Future from with
Kyriakos Fistos & Haidar Altaie Watch Here
Ian Dowson - Advisor to the government - Govtech / Fintech Watch Here
Bruce McIntyre - Partner at IMAS Corp Finance Watch Here
Edmond Ibrahimi - CEO Propertalis Watch Here
Real Estate, Investment Management & Raising Capital
Aron Rachamim CEO of Orphidia Blood testing beyond its time. Watch Here
Shama Rahman - Neuroscientist, Futurist, Inter-disciplinarian,
Musician/ CEO NeuroCreate Ltd/Jugular Productions Watch Here

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