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Intelligent CrowdTv

Live streaming | TV channel | Crowdfunding specialists | Investment | Connectors |

Entrepreneurs: Reach investors by showcasing your start-up or new business on live TV.

Investors: Build a diversified portfolio of start-ups in just one hour a week, with priority access to the UK's leading entrepreneurs, as they showcase their businesses on live TV…More

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The crowdfunding and investment platform for creative and business projects…More

Music | Film | Tech | Charity | Real Estate | Crypto

Fundsurfer is a next generation fundraising platform. We provide access to a unique blend of funding options and support for projects and companies. Startup Loans | Crowdfunding / Community Shares. Seed / Angel / VC / Series A-C | Family Offices. Commercial Lenders | Impact Investment | Crypto / ICOs

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#Hex brings your digital self and physical self together as one

#Hex shines your amazing creativity out from wherever are, connecting you to an audience you can literally reach out and physically touch, so your passion and creativity can be effortlessly discovered, treasured and replied to by anyone near you…More

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Fydo Exchange

Robust, Secure and Feature Rich

FYDO Exchange offers easy to use trading tools so you can fully focus on the market. FYDO Gateways For your convenience, FYDO supports a substantial number of gateways giving you unparalleled flexibility in deposit methods…More

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The Legal Platform For Business

Legal Support You Need, At Prices You Can Afford
We are on average 80% more affordable than traditional law firms.Legal vocabulary can be complex, we give advice in terms you’ll understand. Working mainly with startups and SMEs, we have tailored our services to suit their needs. We always maintain high standards of quality. Without compromising on price…More

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Malice Arts

Immersive events beyond your dreams..

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”
Sun-Tzu, A Arte da Guerra

Well…are you coming in? Are you already in? The door was always open…

Malice Arts creates curious immersive experiences in newly imagined worlds. Stories worth telling come out of the most unusual adventures.

Music, performance & technology mixed with a heavy dose of intrigue and storytelling. Yep, that’ll do.

“Curiosity is the lust of the mind. And curiosity lies in wait for every secret.”

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